The importance of punctuality in soccer

In soccer there is a famous saying that goes like this: “One minute late to the training and you will arrive a second late on the play.” Learn it, make it your new way of life, not only in soccer, but in daily life.

Punctuality in life means respect for the most valuable thing that others have: their time. In soccer, it means respect for you, for your teammates, for your dream, but above all, for soccer itself.

Sadly, there are always more guys who get sweeping to the training than those who do it in a timely manner. And you don’t have to be very smart to realize that getting on time to practice is a clear message to the coach that you want to play, that yesterday you rested well and that today you woke up earlier to be fit and be one of those considered for the matches.

Those who dedicate more time to their preparation will reap sweeter fruit in the future. He who dedicates time and effort to this profession will always do better.

What are the advantages of arriving earlier at training and games on weekends? Arriving in advance allows you to have the opportunity to dress calmly and to schedule your work plan and even, when you are allowed, to perform a bit of gym or arm strength before entering the field.

In professional soccer, they impose a financial penalty if you arrive late for a meeting, to a training and a much more severe penalty if you do it for a match.

I believe that punctuality is a value that represents respect not only to teamwork but to oneself. If the others could arrive on time, why could not one?

Coaches are very grateful too. Pep Guardiola said it in an interview when he was asked: “What do you value in training?” The current Manchester City Spaniard manager responded: “the main thing is the punctuality of the players and their behavior. During preparation, I usually work a lot on the technical and tactical aspect. And the longer we have together, the better this preparation will be. ”

In life as in the field, punctuality speaks a lot about the person so respect soccer and soccer will respect you, a second late on the play can mean a goal against and that error, your role as a starter, and so we can go to tell you that a simple detail like this can truncate your career and all this, for those bad habits like unpunctuality and irresponsibility.

I swear I do not lie when I tell you that when you are just getting up, the guys from the opposing team are already practicing their shots to goal.

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