Say no to violence in soccer

Soccer is a contact and a very passionate sport. But these should not be synonyms of violent play ever, neither on the field nor on the stands. Best soccer is played with loyalty and with total respect towards the opponent.

Unfortunately, violence in soccer is not an isolated event but a common pattern that has developed over time. Violence in soccer originates in society itself and its behavior; a society that expresses itself in the stands with frustration, anger and aggressiveness that accumulate in their daily lives and that in no other public space is allowed, because with all logic they would be in danger of being expelled from the premises.

It worries to know that soccer represents the place where many people give free rein to their low passions, even in front of the television: insulting the referee, hating the rival team’s followers, believing that they know more than the coach himself, shouting, getting angry…

What happens to some fans with soccer? Why does violence emerge there more than in other areas?

The anonymity and support of the group in which they find themselves in the stands provides support for these aggressive behaviors. Finding themselves in the same place makes the blame and responsibility of those insults and even aggressions (bottles or objects thrown in the field) be divided equally. We feel supported by our colleagues.

But let’s think about the children. What is left of them from all this? A very bad example. It is worth remembering that adults are his mirror and sooner or later they will end up imitating their behaviors.

Parents play an important role in the practice of any sport by their children. Their role is fundamental during the celebration of the games. From their behavior they will learn many lessons. Whether they are good or bad depends on them.

The parties must be a party. We have to encourage our kids in a correct way. During games it is important to behave with education.

Violence does not lead to anything. On the court, you are not a better player if you kick more, you do not show more leadership if you shout at the referee in each divided play, you are no more rude or more intimidating if you pass it insulting to the other team.

The same thing happens in the tribune. Let’s stop confusing passion with violence. Going to the stadium to support the team is an unforgettable experience that can be done with total respect towards one and towards others.

The game does not end with the eventual victory or defeat of the opponents, but with the camaraderie and fun in a group without distinctions between those who, during the match, had been rivals.

Football must be relentless against aggression. On and off the court. Soccer is not a war. But the opposite. Football must help us stop them.

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