How soccer unites families

Soccer is nothing more than a representation of society: joys and sorrows. It is, yes, a special representation. Soccer exalts the sense of belonging and community.

Happiness is always cause for celebration. Life, with its flavors and disappointments, continues. Soccer has the ability to unite that has no other human activity.

Throughout its history, this sport has become an auspicious space for the families to meet and be around the passion that this awakens in the hearts of millions of people around the world.

What moments do you have to share with your family? How much time do you have to spend with your dad, your mom, your siblings or your kids? Undoubtedly there are many spaces that we can take advantage of to live with all of them, from the most mundane, such as a lunch or a dinner, to other extraordinary ones such as a soccer match expected by all.

In the midst of a society with an accelerated pace of life, where people spend almost all their time working or studying, having spaces to share a common passion in a healthy way is fundamental for the life of each person and it is precisely that one of the great contributions that soccer can give us.

This reality leads many parents to accompany their children to play at school or in a club since they are very young, thus generating a moment where they can be accompanied, encouraged, cared for and mutually express the love they have.

Who better than dad or mom to comfort up a child frustrated by defeat? What better than to be able to share the joy and pride of a goal or victory with your children or brothers? Soccer generates all these and many other experiences that make life richer and more entertaining.

The essence of soccer is to generate bonds, joys, sharing, meeting and providing a healthy and sporting competition, which is a wealth for the culture in general, and as we have seen in a particular way it is for the family reality.

My parents divorced when I was 7 years old and my dad found himself in the predicament of entertaining his son on Sundays. There were not always children’s movies in the cinema and the third time we visited the zoo, we got tired of seeing the same lions bored to death. Soccer appeared as the perfect solution. We went to the Pumas stadium in Mexico City and I, already fascinated by this sport, asked him to also go to the ‘Estadio Azul’ on Saturdays.

For years, we shared games in the rain and sunned ourselves on boring days. I have few memories of my father in a house, I have many in a stadium.

The most surprising thing about this story is that it made me think that I had a soccer fanatic father. It was not like that. As soon as I could go on my own to the stadiums, he left the game. He had faked his passion to improve mine. Today I appreciate it. He gave me one of the great loves of my life in soccer.

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